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While much of the work that you do is unique to your school, this site serves as a central resource to save you time. Because you have a critical role that requires you to access both school-specific and university-wide information, this site has been designed provide you with links to as many relevant resources as possible.

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Learn Now Guides: Professional Development When You Want It

View all Learn Now GuidesFrom the Center for Creative leadership (CCL), we recommend academic leaders following the 70-20-10 rule when it comes to professional development. The Learn Now Guides are organized applying this framework:

  • Challenging assignments and learning from experiences (70%)
  • Developmental relationships and learning from others (20%)
  • Reading, coursework and training (10%)

Use these at your convenience. 

Your Wellbeing Matters

The PERMA model: Strategies for promoting workplace flourishing

Workplace happiness and well-being have received increasing attention, as organizations strive to address the challenges associated with employee stress and burnout. Universities are dedicated to creating positive workplace cultures that support the well-being of the faculty, staff, students and postdoctoral scholars.

How administrators can be both academic leaders and find time for themselves

It’s possible to be an excellent administrative leader and still find time for leisure, health and social connections, write Joya Misra and Jennifer Lundquist, and here’s how.


5 Ways to be a more resilient leader

There are a number of capabilities that leaders can cultivate that will serve as a foundation to manage and cope effectively with these everyday challenges. It turns out that building resilience is a combination of the brain and the heart.

Good Work For Well-Being by Dan Goleman

Would you say you are generally happy? If so, would you say you have “well-being”?  More to the point, are happiness and well-being the same? Learn what these questions might mean for you.