Learn from Experiences

  • Take time for reflection the next time you need to make a major decision. Step back and reflect on past experiences that could assist you. Take this assessment to gauge your decision-making skills. Then, use the tips in this step-by-step guide as you approach this major decision.
  • Turn your next faculty recruitment process into an opportunity for you to work on your judgment. Understand the GW process. Use the task of Developing Position Qualifications as a case study. Review carefully the Guidelines for Developing Selection Criteria and serve as a mentor to those engaged in the process.
  • Solicit the help of your Finance Director to improve a process in your department. Choose a process such as procurement or PCard management. This would create an opportunity for you to use judgment while helping your department streamline administrative process, increase consistency and potentially save everyone time.  

Learn from Others

  • Set up a brief meeting with the Dean. Talk about his/her view of the most important criteria you should be mindful of when making important decisions for your department. Use this article to prepare to have a productive discussion about how to balance your many duties and to get your Dean’s advice.
  • Reach out to someone you trust who you believe makes sound decisions. As that person to meet to explore one or two recent decisions that you have made. Ask the person to provide you feedback on the approach you took to help you uncover new insights you can apply in the future. 
  • Engage a new faculty member or staff member you haven't collaborated with in the past when you are working on a big decision or contemplating a departmental change. Pick people you haven’t sought advice from previously to broaden your perspective and your network. This will give you feedback while also engaging others who will appreciate the opportunity to support you.