About the Academic Leaders Portal

Welcome to the GW Academic Leaders Portal. While much of the work that you do is unique to your school, this website serves as a central resource and provides guidance for commonalities all academic leaders share. Because you have a critical role that requires you to access both school-specific and university-wide information, this site has been designed provide you with links to as many relevant resources as possible.

  • Events and deadlines to help you set the calendar for the year and prioritize your work
  • “School Resources” on the right side of this page to provide links to information and resources specific to your school
  • Training and Development to provide you access to resources to develop your leadership skills while you develop others
  • Policies and handbooks to provide quick assess to information you may need
  • Contact information and frequently asked questions to help you find support when needed
Throughout your term as an academic leader, we encourage you to share feedback with us about this portal. It is a work in progress. Please offer us suggestions and request additional resources by emailing [email protected].