Budgets and Budgeting for College and University Department Chairs

How to Maximize Department Resources
August 07, 2014

This book will assist a new department chair in understanding the terminology of budgeting and financial statements. It explains practices and cycles that remain constant regardless of a university’s particular budgeting methodology. It also, most importantly, explains much of the “why” of budgeting. It will certainly cover the “how” of budgeting, but not at the perfectly detailed level which is unique to each institution. This book begins with an overview of the university budget process, shifts to understanding and creating departmental budgets and moves to grant budgets. Then the book gives context to departmental budgets by situating them within university budgets and university financial statements. The book explains not only how to build departmental and grant budgets, but how to be successful with your budget requests and how to make an impact as you serve on a university budget or finance committee.  (Review from the Amazon.)

Budgets and Budgeting for College and University Department Chairs: How to Maximize Department Resources by Nathan Dickmeyer

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