Learn from Experiences

  • Select an existing team working on an important departmental initiative. Use the brief questions on page three of this article to assess team effectiveness. Reflect on your answers at the next team meeting to inspire the group to improve how it is working.
  • Encourage collaboration by recognizing effective teamwork when you observe it next. Take a few minutes to submit a "GW Positive Vibe" online and the people you recognize will be mailed a thank you with a GW Positive Vibe pin on your behalf. This is easy to do, will mean a lot, and reinforces positive contributions.
  • Add the topic of “Collaboration” to an upcoming departmental meeting agenda. Bring the article What’s Driving Collaboration in Higher Ed? to the meeting or read it in advance to foster a productive discussion about what could improve and what is working for your group.

Learn from Others

  • Seek out another department chair whom you think effectively fosters collegiality and interdisciplinary collaboration among their faculty and staff. Discuss your challenges, ask for his/her advice, and identify one or two things you could implement in your department.
  • Consider the GW Value of Teamwork. Establish common overarching goals for your faculty and staff and encourage them to work collaboratively to achieve them. Seek input and advice as you determine the best ways to accomplish your goals.