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Seminar Series for GW Academic Leaders

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"Why Leaders Need to Ask More with Frank Sesno"

GW's Office for Faculty Affairs is planning to host the session, "Why Leaders Need to Ask More with Frank Sesno" in the Fall of 2022.oIf you would like to let us know you are interested in attending, send an email to the GW Faculty Affairs Office.

Note that the first 50 to arrive will receive a signed copy of the book!  

This series for GW's academic leaders was designed to help people make connections. Each seminar will link faculty leaders to administrative leaders and encourage dialogue about how to work together to achieve excellence. Participants will gain insights into how things work at the institution, network with colleagues from across GW, and learn new things while enjoying a free meal.

More than 45 leaders gathered for the first session which was hosted in partnership with the Office of the General Counsel (OGC). Using a case study, participants learned how to spot issues; explored effective (and ineffective) use of email; discussed the basics (and limits) of attorney-client privilege; received a primer on free speech in an academic setting; and gained access to resources. 

Please send an email to the GW Faculty Affairs Office if you have any questions.


Ideas for Leaders

Leading Teams Through Tough Times with Empathy

When employees have stress in their personal lives, they often struggle more with performance in the office. Leaders can help by identifying those outside influences.

The Leader’s Responsibility to Address and Not Avoid Conflict

Learn to address and overcome conflict-avoidant tendencies to be the leaders the organization, peers, team members, and others expect.