Motivating Others

Learn from Experiences

  • Identify a few key actions you can take to get your staff motivated. Read this article for ideas. Acting on a few of these recommendations is way to support your faculty because if you engage staff they will perform at the best.
  • Recognize that to motivate others you need to stay motivated – and avoid burnout yourself. Read this Chronicle article and discuss the tips with a trusted colleague. Let the conversation serve as an opportunity for you to learn more about what motivates – or demotivates – you. Your observations may give you ideas for how to motivate your faculty and staff.

Learn from Others

  • Don’t underestimate what a powerful tool “thank you” is to motivate others. Not only does genuine praise motivate people, it is easy to do. In this brief TED talk, Laura Trice suggests we all say thank you.
  • Watch this Dan Pink video to learn about recent research on the truth about what motivates people. Discuss the topic of motivation with a trusted colleague and explore the challenges associated with keeping your faculty motivated.
  • Pull a group of people together from across generations to discuss the “truths” outlined in the 10 Principles for Working Across Generations podcast from the Center for Creative Leadership. Ask the group to share what motivates them. Discus similarities and differences.