Learn from Experiences

  • Be diligent about giving candid, accurate, and balanced feedback to your faculty and staff. If you find you spend extra time with some people, make an effort to check in with faculty or staff you see less of.  
  • If an issue of fairness challenges one of your core values, spend time reflecting before you react. Ask yourself how you would respond in a parallel situation. Focus on identifying whether or not your values should be dictating your behavior.

Learn from Others

  • Think about the standards you have set for your faculty and staff. Are you consistent in holding people accountable? For insights into your potential unconscious biases, explore this site, and share your observations with a trusted colleague.
  • Take care to consider these opportunities for you to focus on fairness: when you coordinate the faculty merit pay raise process, when faculty award nominations are due, and when a new search has launched. Seek input from a mentor who can test your reasoning and challenge your assumptions and thinking.