Developing Faculty and Staff

Learn from Experiences

Schedule a meeting with one or more new faculty members to solicit feedback about their experiences to date. Use the Faculty Annual Report Form as a resource for the conversation. Clarify expectations for the sections, answer questions, and encourage information sharing among the group.

Provide faculty with honest, accurate, and balanced feedback about their performance. The next time you have a problem with a faculty member, read this article for tips and reach out to HR for advice.

Learn from Others

Spend a little time managing staff to help them support your faculty and students better. Use this “essentials” checklist to give them the help they need to provide the best support possible.  If they are performing well, challenge them to do more by delegating or assigning new tasks. If they are not meeting expectations, provide them feedback so they can improve.

Even mentors learn from the people they mentor. Provide advice to a senior administrator or leader in your school. Share this Inside HigherEd article as a way to discuss how to improve performance and relationships with faculty.

Use this Inside HigherEd article to prepare yourself for a productive mentoring discussion with a "mid-career" faculty member. This is another opportunity to learn by mentoring others.