Learn from Experiences

  • Do yourself and others a favor by committing to improve how meetings are run in your department. Read this article for suggestions and make a change at your next meeting.
  • Ask your faculty and staff how you might improve the effectiveness of how you are communicating. Seek their suggestions and make it safe for them to provide you honest feedback. You may be surprised at what you learn or the ideas they may have. Be ready to receive their feedback by using this tool.
  • Develop a “Checklist” to determine what information needs to be disseminated and when. Include input from faculty, staff, and the dean to ensure you have the most important areas covered. Task a staff member to assist you in managing communication.

Learn from Others

  • Read the article "the seduction of the leader," and discuss the concepts with a trusted colleague. This article will help you avoid being a senior leader who often does not receive the information and feedback you need because colleagues are reluctant to provide it to you.
  • Reach out to a colleague in another department or school. Choose someone you have lost touch with or that you need to connect with for some reason. When you meet, add an additional objective to your conversation -- plan on practicing your listening skills. Listen to this podcast and select one or two tips to try out during your conversation.